the design process


We start by asking you to collate this information prior to our site visit:

  • what are your images, stories, memories, desires and aversions?

  • what is your functional wish list?

  • what is the level of maintenance you want to carry out in your garden?

  • what is your budget?

  • collate existing site plans/ house plans you may have.


At an initial site meeting we will discuss this information and carry out an onsite analysis to consider opportunities and constraints. This information provides us with a clear idea of your project and your brief for us to prepare the design concept. 

At this stage you will be charged a site visit fee of $250 plus GST and will then be emailed a Fee Proposal for Stage Three.


We are passionate about creating gardens that are beautiful and evocative as well as functional and sustainable. Our process is guided by our expertise in horticulture and design in combination with our understanding of the brief and the nuances of each site.

We prepare a Concept Plan (usually incorporating two meetings) including plant list and layout suitable for obtaining construction quotations. 

At this stage you will be invoiced for the Concept Plan as per Fee Proposal.


We are serious about seeing the process to completion and therefore like to be involved in the selection and supervision of construction contractors. At this point we are able to recommend suitably qualified and experienced landscape contractors.

This stage will be charged at an hourly rate.


We would like to stress that the success of a good garden is determined by a commitment to ongoing maintenance. We are able to recommend suitably qualified and experienced people for the job.